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The cost of maintaining lifting equipment generally falls into three categories; injuries lost production, and direct maintenance costs (repair, record keeping, inspection, and replacement). The key to minimizing ongoing maintenance costs is aggressive preventive maintenance program, which will eliminate unnecessary repair time and re-work costs.

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. offers a customized PM Plus maintenance program which actively monitors and prevents equipment failures. By scheduling routine repairs, maintenance work and inspections, we will help to not only prevent equipment safety issues, breakdowns and compliance violations but avert component failure. This can avoid unnecessary production downtime - saving you both time and money!


To establish your company’s exact preventative maintenance needs, our knowledgeable staff will examine your equipment and workplace environment. We have consulted all of the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedules and use this data to determine your company’s specific preventative maintenance schedule. Company-specific maintenance needs fall into the four categories listed below:

Usage Description Recommended Frequency
Normal This involves operations with randomly distributed loads below the rated limits for minimal cycles. Single shift operations.  Semi-Annual
Medium High This involves operations with more frequently distributed loads within the maximum rated load limits for more, frequent cycles. Two or three-shift operations.  Bi-Monthly to Quarterly
Heavy This involves operations with constant operation of the equipment at maximum load limits at the maximum duty cycle.  Monthly
Severe This involves operations with normal to heavy service with abnormal and extreme operating conditions and environments.  Weekly to



We will create maintenance report which will have a thorough equipment condition analysis and suggestions for possible improvement solutions. With the primary goal to maximize the overall equipment effectiveness.


Liftsafe's customized reliability-based preventative maintenance program will help you to extend the life of your equipment and virtually eliminate any downtime. In addition to making sure your equipment is compliant, well maintained and safe, this program will allow you to take preventative maintenance to the next level by servicing the following:

  • Electrical - control functions, wiring, motors.
  • Mechanical - brakes, gearboxes, fasteners, moving parts.
  • Fluids - lube moving parts, top up oil
  • Annual oil change - (cost of oil not included)
  • Safety devices - limits, safety bars, buzzers, and horns
  • Clean unit - brakes, controls, housing
  • Pneumatics - solenoids, valves, lines, filters, lubricators
  • Structure - visual check for cracks, and missing fasteners

Some of the Equipment often Maintained our Preventative Maintenance Program Include: 

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