ELECTRIC Wire Rope Hoists

Liftsafe Engineering offers many different brands, capacities, lifts, and options for electric wire rope hoists. Wire rope hoists are ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial applications with exceptional durability and reliability. Our specialists are here to help find the right wire rope hoist for your facility or customize a solution for unique applications.

gh hoist

GH wire rope hoists

GH wire rope hoists, for bridge, gantry and semi-gantry cranes, single and double girder, and other types of applications. These wire rope hoists incorporate frequency inverters to their hoist and cross travel movement as a standard feature. This feature also prevents hazardous swing, improves motor protection and extends the working life of the motors and other crane mechanisms, resulting in decreased maintenance costs. The range of GH hoists can be customized for your specific facility requirements. 

Stahl SH Series

STAHL crane systems are known for quality, reliability and performance. Their products are used in standard, custom and explosion-proof cranes and lifting systems in industries ranging from metals production to mining and offshore oil and gas. STAHL wire rope hoists are compact, powerful and particularly maintenance-friendly. You can rely on their industry-leading engineering expertise to create products that meet your facility requirements. 

stahl SH
yale yk series

Yale YK Series

Yale hoists have a reputation for superior performance, low maintenance, and longevity in heavy-duty applications. Yale hoists are highly customizable hoist and can be optimized for your specific application requirements. Yale represents one of the most popular brands in the material handling industry, with users specifying it for applications ranging from offshore oil platforms to pulp and paper production. Known for a wide range of wire rope products, the Yale brand stands for top quality and performance. 

Yale Cable King Series

Yale Cable King electric wire rope hoists are synonymous with superior performance, low maintenance demands, and remarkable longevity, particularly in heavy-duty applications. Drawing from years of engineering expertise, these hoists incorporate time-tested design elements alongside innovative advancements. The outcome is a hoist line that meets Yale’s stringent standards for dependability and durability, offering enhanced capabilities for longer lifts and increased capacities. With a Yale electric wire rope hoist, you can expect a solution tailored to your needs, delivering unparalleled value for your investment.

yale cable king

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Specifications

FeatureGH HoistSTAHL SH SeriesYale YK  HoistYale Cable King Hoist
DesignRobust, compact, clean, modular, bolted structureCompact, U-shape, modularCompact, easy to maintainHeavy-duty, faster lifting speeds
Gear MaterialRectified cemented materialLifetime lubrication in oil bathN/AN/A
Load CellFour-gauge pin typeN/AN/AN/A
Cable MaterialSteel with plastic injectionN/AN/AN/A
ConnectivityCabinets with COREBOX, dataloggerN/AN/AN/A
Electrical ComponentsTop of the range commercial components (Schneider, Weidmüller, etc.)N/AN/AFlux Vector hoist control, AC-disc-type motor brake, etc.
Safety FeaturesHigh-capacity braking resistance, elevated encoder position, overspeed for small loadsTried-and-tested closed rope guide, easily accessible brake and drumPrecision engineered for safetyWeston screw-and-disc type load brake, upper and lower geared limit switch, etc.
MaintenanceSimplified maintenance, easy rope replacementDrum freely accessible, gear steps with lifetime lubricationCompact and easy to maintainHeavy-duty service, long-term reliability


Each of these systems meet the standards laid out in the AISC Steel Construction Manual, OSHA 1910.179, ANSI B30.11, AWS D1.1/D1.6 and CMAA 74.



Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group carries top of the line hoists such as GH, Kito and Stahl.


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Periodic inspections based on crane use (see CSA B167-16), done by accredited inspectors is required by law.

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Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

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