Polytainers Overhead Bridge Crane Case Study

Our main concern was being able to safely and efficiently maneuver large molds and dies in and out of injection molding and thermoforming machines


Maximizing the use of exisitng space in the manufacturing sector has become the go to strategy for a number of companies.
Construction costs for every building type have seen a significant rise over the last two years. Higher construction costs overall have been mostly attributed to a shortage of construction materials such as steel, lumber and finishes have seen a significant rise and while some of these materials have since decreased from their highs, they are still well above the costs of a couple of years ago.
According to Stats Canada, nonresidential building construction costs rose at the fastest pace for factories and warehouses. Warehouse space being at a premium in the wake of retail e-commerce sales increasing nearly 100% year over year.
Polytainers has been providing industry leading plastic packaging to customers for over 50 years and employs over 700 people while producing over 4 billion containers annually. Their operation, which includes injection molding, thermoforming and package labeling, uses heavy dies and molds which need to be safely moved in and out of their machines in order to meet the different specifications of their customers.
Working with Liftsafe to install an overhead bridge crane with 136 feet of runways and added support structure allowed Polytainers to move equipment safely and efficiently without having to add new manufacturing space.

According to Stats Canada, non-residential building construction costs rose at the fastest pace for factories and warehouses

We are extremely happy with how this project turned out. Both from an employee safety and efficiency standpoint.
— Polytainers