ELECTRIC Chain Hoists

At Liftsafe, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of electric chain hoists, including options for single-phase and three-phase requirements. Our selection, featuring trusted brands like Kito, STAHL and CM, ensures that you receive top-notch quality, reliability, and longevity.

Discover the versatility of Liftsafe’s electric chain hoists, offering solutions for heavy-duty lifting across a spectrum of applications. Our hoists are designed to handle industrial and commercial projects with cost-effective precision.  Whether you’re in need of reliable solutions for overhead cranes, workstation cranes, or jib cranes, Liftsafe Engineering will support the entire lifecycle of your lifting equipment.

Kito ER2 Series

This Kito hoist delivers peak performance, ensuring seamless operation even in the harshest conditions. With its remarkably quiet operation and minimal vibration, it not only minimizes workplace noise pollution but also mitigates worker fatigue, thereby enhancing productivity. Crafted for practical durability, the ER2 guarantees worry-free performance.

Kito SER Series

Engineered to surpass H4 industrial standards, the SER boasts a robust TEFC motor and a maintenance-free, self-adjusting pull-rotor brake. This innovative design ensures seamless operation, offering the endurance needed for extended lifts and prolonged shifts typical in industrial settings. The efficiency and reliability of the SER will meet your single-phase powered hoisting needs.

Kito ED Series

With the Kito ED Series simply plug into any standard 115 V wall socket and experience seamless lifting. With impressive speeds reaching up to 44 fpm, this hoist defies its size with its top performance. Engineered for optimal productivity and portability, the ED features a variable-speed option, allowing you to customize the pace to your specific application needs. 

CM Shopstar

A robust hoist solution designed for industrial and commercial applications. Engineered to withstand rugged conditions, this durable hoist boasts high H4 duty cycles and a compact design perfectly suited for workstations and production lines. Equipped with a standard overload device, the Shopstar ensures safety by protecting the hoist, operator, and surrounding structure from overloads.

Stahl ST Series

The ST chain hoist series, offers extensive range, reliability, and low maintenance. With six load capacity variants, ranging from 125 kg to 6,300 kg, and versatile mounting options, including stationary, push trolley, and electric trolley, it offers tailored solutions for various applications. Engineered for safety with its patented direct suspension, the ST chain hoist is a top-quality choice for manufacturers.

CM Loadstar

Renowned as the industry standard, the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist has been trusted by generations of users for its unmatched power and reliability in material handling. Whether as standalone units, hoist/trolley combinations, or integral components of complete lifting systems, the CM Lodestar shines across various applications and industries.

Electric Chain Hoist Specifications

FeatureKito ER2 Heavy DutyKito SER Heavy DutyKito ED High SpeedCM Shopstar ElectricCM Lodestar ClassicSTAHL ST Chain
Capacity⅛ to 20 metric tonnes¼ to 3 metric tonnes100 to 480 kilograms250 to 1000 lbsUp to 3 tonnes125 kg to 6,300 kg
OptionsVarious chain containers, lift lengths customization, trolley mount optionsVarious chain containers, lift lengths customization, trolley mount optionsDual speed, chain containers, lift lengths customization, trolley mount options

Unique rocker switch and comfort-fit design, with variable controls, durable chain containers, and swivel hook suspension options.

Harsh environment hoists availableFrequency inverters, explosion-protected design
BodyDie-cast aluminum, sealed, low headroomDie-cast aluminum, sealed, low headroomDie-cast aluminum, weather tight, low headroomCast aluminum alloy, epoxy powder-coat finishN/ASolid cast iron, short and compact
GearsAlloy steel helical gears in oil bathAlloy steel helical and spur gears in oil bathInduction-hardened spur gears in oil bathLifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing greaseLifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing greaseOvermounted drive shaft
Load ChainNickel-plated Grade 80Nickel-plated Grade 80Nickel-plated Grade 80CM Hoistaloy® Load ChainHoist alloy load chainCustom options
Chain GuideHeavy-duty cast iron, easily replaceableHeavy-duty cast iron, easily replaceableHeavy-duty cast ironN/AHardened chain guidesSolid cast iron chain guide
HooksForged carbon steel, self-closing, swivel bottom hookForged carbon steel, self-closing, swivel bottom hookForged carbon steel, self-closing, swivel bottom hookHardened, forged-steel, latch-type hooksHardened, forged-steel, latch-type hooksN/A
ControlsCentral electrical panel, plug-in connectors, dual-speed VFDCentral electrical panel, push button station, IP65Pendant control, in-line cylinder control, adjustable speedsIndustrial-rated control system, rigid-hook suspensionN/AFrequency inverters from Magnetek
BrakeDC electromagnetic brakePull-rotor motor brakeWeston-style mechanical load brake, regenerative brakeStandard overload protection deviceStandard overload protection deviceLow-maintenance, asbestos-free
electromagnetic disc brake
MotorThree-phase, TEFC squirrel cage, Class BSingle-phase, TEFC squirrel cage, Class BDC with rectifier, variable high speedsThermally protected, single- & 3-phase voltage optionsHoist duty motorHigh ISO classification according to
FEM/ISO standards
Overload ProtectionFriction clutch, limit switchFriction clutch, upper limit switchFriction clutch, integrated high-performance clutchStandard overload deviceStandard overload protection deviceStandard overload protection device
Overtravel ProtectionLimit switchUpper limit switchIntegrated friction clutchN/AScrew-type limit switchesN/A
Operating Conditions-20˚C to +40˚C, humidity < 85%-20˚C to +40˚C, humidity < 85%-20˚C to +40˚CN/AN/AN/A


Each of these systems meet the standards laid out in the AISC Steel Construction Manual, OSHA 1910.179, ANSI B30.11, AWS D1.1/D1.6 and CMAA 74.



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Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

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