Hand Chain Hoists

Liftsafe Engineering offers a wide selection of Hand chain hoists, also known as chain fall hoists, from many different manufacturers. These hoists are available in various capacities, types, sizes and options for construction, utility and industrial markets. Hand Chain Hoists are ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial applications. Hand Chain Hoists are a reliable and efficient solution for facilities where electricity is impractical or unavailable, such as a portable gantry or jib crane. These hoists are an economical solution that provides unmatched durability and reliability. Specialized chain falls are also available to accommodate low headroom, explosion-proof environments or cleanroom environments.

What to expect from OHSA
Hazards involving material handling can lead to serious worker injuries and even death. In particular, workers are at risk of injuries resulting from being struck by, caught between, or crushed by materials, equipment, lifting devices or vehicles. Workers are also at risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, such as low back or shoulder injuries. Proper material handling prevents these types of injuries.
The efficient handling and storing of materials are vital to industry. Activities involving material handling enable the supply of raw materials as well as a continuous flow of parts and assemblies through workplaces and ensure materials are available when needed. Employers are responsible for protecting workers from material handling hazards.



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