Engineering Services

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group has an in-house team of professional engineers with extensive expertise in design, safety, manufacturing process optimization, ergonomics, structural analysis and regulatory compliance.

Offering clients a dedicated design, drafting, estimating and project management teams, Liftsafe is capable of delivering on the full scope of your manufacturing upgrades, safety optimization and process optimization projects. Coupled with over 30,000 sq ft of fabrication space that includes a machine shop, fabrication shop, paint booth and assembly area, Liftsafe specializes in bringing concepts to reality.
Our specialized in-house expertise offers our clients a turnkey process that covers design, engineering, implementation and meets or exceeds any regulatory requirements.



Engineering Design

From the cranes that can add capacity to your facility to the ergonomic material handling device that can eliminate work-related repetitive strain injuries: Liftsafe brings together our design engineering team and cutting-edge design software to deliver turnkey solutions for our clients in multiple industries.


Structural Engineering

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group provides our clients with structural upgrades to existing support structures and crane systems.


Mechanical Engineering

Liftsafe Engineering specializes in “out of the box” thinking when it comes to developing and implementing cost-effective, simple, and reliable mechanical solutions.


Reverse Engineering

Often, lifting devices are made in-house or have no proper documentation for the item’s intended lifting capacity. The Liftsafe team can work with your team to reverse engineer your solution in order to provide you with proper documentation ensuring the item is safe to use and meets the requirements of its intended capacity.


Risk assessments/safety audits

Liftsafe Engineering can conduct a health and safety audit and assessment to identify all hazards and potential hazards in your facility or workplace. This includes determining if enough has been done to mitigate facility risks or whether more updates are required to protect employees and visitors.

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Prestart Health and Safety Reviews

The engineering team at Liftsafe can provide you with consultation and documentation to keep you in compliance with OHSA Regulation 851, Section 7 ensuring your equipment and structures are safe to use.


Custom Engineering


Taking a collaborative approach, we work with our clients to investigate all of the requirements of a project from a productive, environmental, usage and safety capacity. Then we use this information to inform our in-house design team.


Our in-house design team combines their years of collective experience in manufacturing design and engineering with technical software and regulatory knowledge to design a solution for the project at hand to be sent for approval from our in-house engineering team.


Our in-house engineering team makes adjustments to make sure the initial design meets or exceeds all capacity, usage, environmental, safety and regulatory criteria and approves the project for fabrication.


Our team of CWB Certified welders brings the approved design concepts created by our design and engineering teams to life in our 30,000 sq ft fabrication facility.


Once a project has completed the fabrication stage, it is inspected and tested to ensure all capacity, usage, environmental, safety and regulatory criteria are met or exceeded.


Once final inspection is completed, your project is ready for the installation phase, which includes physical installation, implementation of in-site training, adjustments (as needed), a Prestart Health and Safety Review, exemption letters, engineering sign-offs, and electrification according to CSA C22 standards (if applicable).

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  • Load Testing
  • NDT Services
  • Material Testing
  • Analytical Reports
  • Engineering Sign Offs
  • Stamped Drawings
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Structural Upgrades
  • Structural Analysis
  • Machine Guarding
  • P Eng., Professional Engineers of Ontario, CET,
  • Ontario Health & Safety Act and Regulations
  • Ontario Building Code
  • Ontario Regulation for Construction Projects
  • Limit States Design of Steel Structures
  • Strength Design Aluminum
  • CSA Z150 & Z150.3 Mobile Cranes
  • CSA Z259 Fall Protection Standards
  • CSA C225 Aerial Devices & CSA B354 MEWP

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