Air Chain Hoists

Air chain hoists (pneumatic) are perfect for environments without electricity or in hazardous conditions. They are also well suited for applications requiring high lifting speeds. Liftsafe Engineering provides a variety of pneumatic chain hoists in different sizes and configurations, ensuring safe and efficient heavy load transportation. These hoists, powered by air pressure, offer a reliable solution for specialized jobs, combining safety and speed.


Experience quality and reliability with the Kito TCR heavy duty air hoist. Boasting a 100% duty rating, fine-feathering controls, and quiet operation, this workhorse ensures smooth starts and stops for precise load control. Elevate your productivity and precision with the TCR pneumatic hoist – a top choice for enduring performance.


The Kito TCK large capacity air hoist has a 100% duty rating, fine-feathering controls, and reduced noise levels to support production needs. With variable-speed operation ensuring smooth starts and stops for precise load control, and high-speed lifts enhancing efficiency, the TCK is your go-to solution for reliable and efficient hoisting.


The Kito TCL Lubrication-Free air hoist is your environmentally friendly power solution. This series operates without the need for air supply lubrication, ensuring a clean environment free of oil mist from the air exhaust. Ideal for industries like food, chemical, and pharmaceuticals, where oil mist is not tolerated. Choose TCL for a greener and efficient hoisting option.

Series 2200

The Budgit Series 2200 air chain hoist is a compact and durable solution for specialized lifting applications, featuring ergonomic controls, a free-moving inlet air swivel, and a heavy-duty shoe type brake for safety. Ideal for diverse environments, it also offers a tapped exhaust port for noise reduction.

Series 6000

The Budgit Series 6000 offers precise variable speed along with accurate load spotting capabilities. This hoist is equipped with features such as an internal muffler for reduced operational noise, a throttle valve ensuring smooth operation, and built-in overload protection for enhanced safety.

Air Chain Hoist Specifications

Feature Budgit Series 2200 Budgit Series 6000 Kito TCL Lubrication Free Air Hoist Kito TCK Large Capacity Air Hoist Kito TCR Heavy Duty Air Hoist
Control Type Pull cord Pull cord Pendant or cord Pendant or cord Pendant, cord, or manipulator
Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum Cast aluminum Cast iron Cast iron
Brake Type Shoe type Shoe type Fail-safe Self-Adjusting Disc Fail-safe Self-Adjusting Disc Heavy-duty, self-adjusting
Load Capacity 1/4, 1/2, 1 tonnes 1/2 to 3 tonnes 1/4, 1/2, 1 tonne 3 & 6 tonnes 1/4 to 2 metric tonnes
Gearing Type Equal-torque alloy Equal-torque alloy 3-step planetary 3-step planetary Planetary
Motor Type Eight-vane motor Eight-vane motor Spring-loaded multi-vane Spring-loaded multi-vane Spring-loaded multi-vane
Speed Control External adjustment External adjustment Full range variable speed Full range variable speed Full range variable speed
Lubrication Requirement External adjustment External adjustment Lubrication-free Lubrication-free Oil drops/min and filter
Overload Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Each of these systems meet the standards laid out in the AISC Steel Construction Manual, OSHA 1910.179, ANSI B30.11, AWS D1.1/D1.6 and CMAA 74.



Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group carries top of the line hoists such as GH, Kito and Stahl.


SWL/WLL/MRC – What do these abbreviations stand for and when should they be used?


Periodic inspections based on crane use (see CSA B167-16), done by accredited inspectors is required by law.

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Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

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