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Liftsafe Engineering is a leading North American Crane manufacturer with over 25 years of experience manufacturing, installing, inspecting, and repairing industrial cranes. Working alongside our trusted suppliers, we combine expert service and parts to create both standard and custom systems that are not only reliable but affordable. Our systems serve a broad range of industries and are manufactured by our in-house engineering team to meet our rigorous performance and safety practices.

Crane inspection and maintenance available 24/7 through our online Customer Portal.

Liftsafe Engineering will be with you throughout every stage of your crane build as a single source for manufacturing, installation, training, aftercare and regular service. Choose from our many crane products below and learn more about Ensuring Safe Use of Cranes in your facility.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead Bridge Cranes (Heavy Duty)

Liftsafe Engineering offers a wide variety of heavy duty overhead crane systems. These lifting systems are manufactured with elevated parallel runways, which typically run the full length of the facility. A Hoist is then used to lift and handle the load as it travels along the span of the bridge. Our systems offer lifting support for loads ranging anywhere from 1 to 50+ tons, with custom options available in both top running and under-running cranes.

Jib Cranes v2

Jib Cranes

Liftsafe is a trusted provider of complete Jib Crane systems. Working alongside our suppliers (Spanco and Gorbel), we offer expert service to create both standard and custom systems. Our systems offer lifting support for loads ranging anywhere from 100 to 30,000 lbs, with custom options available. Rely on our in-house engineering, design, fabrication, and installation teams to deliver from our comprehensive list of Jib Crane systems on the market.

Workstation Bridge Crane

Workstation Bridge Cranes

Designed to eliminate manual lifting and enable/empower your workers to move loads from workstation to workstation. These systems are ideal for moving loads ranging anywhere from 250 to 4000 lbs. for along the bridge and under the runway. Our Freestanding and Ceiling-Mounted systems are readily available and offer optimal flexibility depending on your facility’s capabilities.

Gantry Cranes v2

Gantry Cranes

As opposed to overhead cranes (bridge cranes), Gantry Cranes are built with a runway located on the floor rather than the ceiling. Portable gantry cranes are available for light lifting and these cranes can be used both indoors and outdoors at a lower cost to overhead cranes. These cranes are ideal for applications where lifting support is required without the use of building columns or structural supports.

Polytainers Overhead Bridge Crane Case Study

Our main concern was being able to safely and efficiently maneuver large molds and dies in and out of injection molding and thermoforming machines.

Crane Inspections and Maintenance

From design to implementation, we offer inspection, maintenance and repair services that span the entire life cycle of your lifting and material handling equipment. 

We can do it all

Liftsafe Engineering offers lifting systems and services for every aspect of your facility. Our specialists have the industry expertise to recommend the best system for upgrading and optimizing your space. Rely on our industry experts to do a walkthrough of your facility to find the right standard or custom lifting solution. From there our in-house engineering team will design your system to meet all regulatory standards which then gets manufactured by CWB qualified welders. Once complete our experienced installers will make sure your system is operational in your facility and our team will continue to protect your equipment for its entire life cycle with our inspection and maintenance services. From start to finish, we design, build, inspect, and maintain.

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GH Cranes & Hoists

Liftsafe is a leading supplier of GH products in Canada, offering premier industrial lifting equipment.

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