Equipment Repairs (Cranes, Hoists, Wire Ropes, Fall Protection, Lifting Equipment)

Simply put, if we inspect it, we repair and service it.

This philosophy has guided the development of our teams, which include dedicated equipment repair and service teams, 24 hour emergency service support teams, dedicated service advisors, an in-house service department, on-site service teams, and vehicles stocked with common parts for your cranes, hoists, fall protection, and lifting equipment.

At Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group, although we may be predominantly known in the industry for our inspection services, equipment repairs and service are where we shine. Click here to see full list of available equipment repairs and replacement Parts.
Our vision and goal is simple: get you up and running as quickly, safely, and cost efficiently as possible.
Learn more about how we have invested in keeping you safe and operational below.
Legal Requirements

Investing in your safety and productivity

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24/7 Emergency Service and Support Teams

We recognize the fact that equipment breakdowns can happen at any time. We offer 24-hour Emergency Service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Liftsafe techs will get your equipment up and running onsite day or night.

Expert Technicians

Liftsafe’s qualified Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) welders are fully insured and offer exceptional quality and service. Our team of fully equipped welders are mobile and will travel to your facility to repair any of your damaged equipment.
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All of your reports in the palm of your hand

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Your customer portal can be with you, anytime, anywhere

Over the past three decades of business development and growth, the Liftsafe Group of Companies has always looked for new strategies to improve how our clients are able to operate efficiently. In 2015, we saw a need to provide our customers with a secure online system to allow our clients to schedule and keep track of their inspections and repairs while eliminating the need for paper records. We invested time and resources in creating a custom software system to improve our customer’s experience while saving them time and money.

The Liftsafe Customer Portal was developed with the need for proper record keeping and organization in mind. With it, you can always stay connected, no matter your location. The Customer Portal will allow you to stay up to date on your inspections and repairs while allowing you to view your data any time you require it, without having to dig through a box of files.
Complementing our existing Liftsafe Customer Portal, the user-friendly Liftsafe Mobile App features the ability to view certificates and request service, all from your smart phone.

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  • Air Balancer 
  • Automotive Lift 
  • Automotive Jack 
  • Anchor Point 
  • Below the Hook Attachment 
  • Chain Fall 
  • Crane Hook 
  • Cranes (Overhead, Jib, Workstation, Gantry)
  • Conveyor Line Attachment 
  • Chain and Wire Mesh Sling 
  • Davit Base 
  • Die Cart/Pump Cart 
  • Dock Leveller 
  • Drop Lift Structures 
  • Electric Hoist 
  • Engine Hoist 
  • Fall Arrest Equipment 
  • Fall Arrest Support Systems 
  • Fixed Access Ladder 
  • Ground Support Equipment/Access Stands 
  • Jack Stand 
  • Ladders 
  • Lift-Assist 
  • Lifting Support Structure 
  • Lift Tilt/Tilt Table 
  • Lift Truck 
  • Mobile Crane 
  • Man Lift 
  • Overhead Door 
  • Pneumatic Hoist 
  • Puller and Lever Hoists 
  • Racking Structure 
  • Sling Inspections 
  • Special Needs Equipment 
  • Spring Balancer 
  • Support Stand 
  • Stacker Crane 
  • Transfer Cart 
  • Trolley 
  • Vacuum Lifter 
  • Wire Rope Crane 
  • Websling/Eyebolt/Fittings
  • Safety and quality; we are a safety company first and foremost. Our products and solutions are designed with a focus on exceptional quality while protecting your company and its employees.
  • Creativity and innovation; we build exceptional and reliable products through innovation and a true customer-first philosophy. We specialize in unique, custom and standard fabricated products.
  • Our office and shop teams; in-house design, engineering, fabrication, installation and inspection teams. 
  • Our locations; with multiple locations across Ontario, we are well-positioned to support all regions within the province as well as other Canadian provinces. 30,000 sq/ ft. of fabrication space including machine shop, fabrication shop, paint booth, and assembly area.
  • Experience and longevity; Liftsafe has been recognized as an industry leader for more than 25 years in the fabrication space, working alongside some of the largest manufacturing, industrial, warehousing, energy, aviation, automotive, construction and defence companies in North America.

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