Equipment Installations (Cranes, Fall Protection, Material Handling Devices)

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group has a 25-year track record of consulting with, inspecting, repairing and installing cranes, fall protection systems and material handling devices in an industrial setting.

Our team of professional engineers, installers and CWB certified welders ensure that every installation is a seamless process that meets or exceeds all safety and regulatory requirements.
We install a vast variety of different products including:
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OHSA Regulation 851, Section 72
With the repeal of section 12(3)(a) of the Professional Engineers Act, individuals must now be licensed by PEO if they do any act within the practice of professional engineering on machinery or equipment used to produce products for their employer in their employer’s facility.
In 1984, when the exception was enacted, requirements existed for Ontario’s Ministry of Labour engineers to approve predevelopment reviews of proposed industrial processes and associated equipment. This requirement was replaced by Regulation 851 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which introduced the current requirement for the industry to have professional engineers approve Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs) prior to the start-up of newly installed or altered production equipment or machinery.

Combined Installation Expertise

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Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group has an in-house team of professional engineers with extensive expertise in design, safety, manufacturing process optimization, ergonomics, structural analysis and regulatory compliance.
Our specialized in-house expertise offers our clients a turnkey process that ensures smooth installations that meet or exceed any safety or regulatory requirements.
Each installation comes with the required (by OHSA Regulation 851, section 7) Prestart Health and Safety Review.

CWB Certified Welders

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group provides our clients with CWB certified steel (CSA Standard W47.1, Division 2) and aluminum (CSA Standard W47.2, Division 2) welders for the installation of cranes, material handling, manufacturing processes and overall industrial safety.


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  • Crane and hoist systems
  • Freestanding and column mount jib cranes
  • Material handling equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Racking
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Safety and quality; we are a safety company first and foremost. Our products and solutions are designed with a focus on exceptional quality while protecting your company and its employees.
  • Creativity and innovation; we build exceptional and reliable products through innovation and a true customer-first philosophy. We specialize in unique, custom and standard fabricated products.
  • Our office and shop teams; In-house design, engineering teams, fabrication, installation and inspection teams.
  • Our locations; with multiple locations across Ontario, we are well-positioned to support all regions within the province as well as other Canadian provinces. 30,000 sq/ ft. of fabrication space including machine shop, fabrication shop, paint booth, and assembly area.
  • Experience and longevity; Liftsafe has been recognized as an industry leader for more than 25 years in the fabrication space, working alongside some of the largest manufacturing, industrial, warehousing, energy, aviation, automotive, construction and defence companies in North America.

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