Liftsafe Engineering is a major North American industrial lifting product company with over 25 years of expertise designing, installing, inspecting, and repairing industrial lifting rigging and access equipment. We combine skilled service and components with our trusted suppliers to develop both standard and custom systems that are not only dependable but also inexpensive. Our systems are used in a variety of sectors and are designed and manufactured in-house to fulfil our stringent performance and safety standards.


Fixed Access Ladders
Fixed Access Ladders

We provide a complete line of fixed access ladders that may be customized to your facility's needs. We provide complete turnkey solutions, including design, manufacturing, installation, and specification, to ensure that all of our ladders meet or exceed industry standards and safety laws. Our ladders are designed to support normal loads, while our cages are built to assure the climber's safety.

Lifting and Rigging Equipment
Fall Protection Equipment

We are experts in the field of fall protection equipment. We can provide you with not only high-quality products, but also product selection skills. We ensure that you have the necessary products in place to safeguard your employees on the job so that they can return home safely at the end of the day, as well as to protect your company from fines, accidents, and injuries.

Balancers Intelligent Lifting Devices
Balancers & Intelligent Lifting Devices

When conducting repetitive high-cycle jobs balancers are a time and money-saving tool support device. They're a low-cost and easy-to-use alternative to physical lifting. To provide a zero-gravity movement of equipment or materials, balancers use either spring or pneumatic air systems. Balancers efficiently handle all types of tools and parts at high speeds when used in conjunction with jibs and workstation cranes.

Lifting and Rigging Equipment

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group designs and manufactures a variety of lifting and rigging equipment. We ensure that you have the necessary products in place to safeguard your employees on the job so that they can return home safely at the end of the day, as well as to protect your company from fines, accidents, and injuries.

Hoisting Equipment

Liftsafe Engineering offers a wide variety of hoists to suit your lifting and material handling needs. We offer a complete line of chain, wire rope, lever and pneumatic hoists. Rely on our in-house engineering, design, fabrication, and installation team to deliver from our comprehensive list of hoist systems on the market. CMAA and CSA compliant.

aluminum fabrication solutions
Aluminum Fabrication

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group provides our clients with CWB certified aluminum fabrication (CSA Standard W47.2, Division 2) engineered solutions for material handling, elevation access, manufacturing processes and overall industrial safety.

steel fabrication solutions
Steel Fabrication

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group provides our clients with CWB certified steel fabrication (CSA Standard W47.1, Division 2) engineered solutions for material handling, manufacturing processes and overall industrial safety.

Ergonomic Material Handling
Ergonomic Material Handling (Custom)

Work with the in-house engineering team at Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group to solve more complicated material handling with custom solutions.

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We meet all your custom product needs from start to finish. Our in-house engineering team will ensure quick sign-off on all custom orders and testing while meeting the exact specifications required for your facility.

You can expect top-of-the-line products and excellent customer service. From design to implementation, our team will walk you through the process and help you reach the best solution for your facility needs.

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A regulation for overhead cranes, gantry cranes, monorails, hoists, and jib cranes. The main purpose of CSA B167 is to provide manufacturers, end-users, workers and industry with the most current safety requirements for design, fabrication, inspection, maintenance, operation and safety training for overhead travelling lifting equipment. This standard is applicable nationwide.

Provincial and territorial safety authorities have a responsibility to support and provide industry awareness of the nationally recognized CSA safety standards. Meeting the compliance requirements in B167 is the correct way to ensure this equipment is properly inspected, maintained and operated.

Companies have a responsibility to ensure they have met compliance requirements of the most current provincial and national safety standards. End-users have a responsibility to meet compliance requirements of the most current revision of this CSA B167 standard.

Utilizing this standard as intended could easily result in a reduction in all related costs, such as in the following examples:

  • by reducing unnecessary breakdowns due to misuse and abuse of equipment;
  • by greater use of properly maintained equipment by certified trades; and
  • by having properly trained operators, supervisors, and health, safety and environmental protection personnel.

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