Steel Fabrication Solutions (Custom and Standard)

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group provides our clients with CWB certified steel fabrication (CSA Standard W47.1, Division 2) engineered solutions for material handling, manufacturing processes and overall industrial safety.

Steel solutions such as ergonomic cranes, lifting devices and tables, spreader bars, platforms and mezzanines, fixed access ladders, machine guarding, transfer carts and upenders, as well as vacuum handling solutions are available through our custom fabrication engineering team.

Although we have an extensive standard product listing of steel fabricated products many of our clients collaborate with our in-house engineering and design team to find a custom/unique solution for their specific facility needs.

Steel Products

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group has standard and custom steel solutions available which include:

  • Access stands and platforms
  • Anti-access gates and panels
  • Overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and workstation cranes
  • Fixed access ladders and staircases
  • Platforms and mezzanines
  • Sheet and pallet lifters
  • Spreader bars and lifting beams
  • Transfer carts
  • Upenders and lift tables 
  • Custom structures 
  • Access stands and platforms 
  • Anti-access gates and panels 
  • Overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and workstation cranes
  • Cross-over platforms and ladders 
  • Ergonomic material handling systems including, end effectors, pneumatic pick and place systems
  • Fixed access ladders and staircases 
  • Machine guarding
  • Platforms and mezzanines 
  • Safety products and systems 
  • Sheet and pallet lifters
  • Spreader bars  
  • Transfer carts
  • Upenders
  • Safety and quality; we are a safety company first and foremost. Our products and solutions are designed with a focus on exceptional quality while protecting your company and its employees.
  • Creativity and innovation; we build exceptional and reliable products through innovation and a true customer first philosophy. We specialize in unique, custom and standard fabricated products.
  • Our office and shop teams; In-house design, engineering teams, fabrication, installation and inspection teams.
  • Our locations; with multiple locations across Ontario, we are well positioned to support all regions within the province as well as other Canadian provinces. 30,000 sq/ ft. of fabrication space including machine shop, fabrication shop, paint booth, and assembly area.
  • Experience and longevity; Liftsafe has been recognized as an industry leader for more than 25 years in the fabrication space, working alongside some of the largest manufacturing, industrial, warehousing, energy, aviation, automotive, construction and defense companies in North America.
  • Concept
    Taking a collaborative approach, we work with our clients to investigate all of the requirements of a project from a productive, environmental, usage and safety capacity. Then we use this information to inform our in-house design team.
  • Design
    Our in-house design team combines their years of collective experience in manufacturing design and engineering with technical software and regulatory knowledge to design a solution for the project at hand to be sent for approval from our in-house engineering team.
  • Approval
    Our in-house engineering team makes adjustments to make sure the initial design meets or exceeds all capacity, usage, environmental, safety and regulatory criteria and approves the project for fabrication.
  • Fabrication
    Our team of CWB Certified welders brings the approved design concepts created by our design and engineering teams to life in our 30,000 sq ft fabrication facility.
  • Inspection
    Once a project has completed the fabrication stage, it is inspected and tested to ensure all capacity, usage, environmental, safety and regulatory criteria are met or exceeded.
  • Installation
    Once final inspection is completed, your project is ready for the installation phase, which includes physical installation, implementation of in-site training, adjustments (as needed), a Prestart Health and Safety Review, exemption letters, engineering sign-offs, and electrification according to CSA C22 standards (if applicable).

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Woodstock Precision Machining Gorbel Easy Arm Crane Case Study

We were looking at options for ergonomic solutions that eliminated strain on our employees when performing repetitive light duty lifts. Preferrably something that was quick, precise and programmable.


Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

Engineering Services

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group has an in-house team of professional engineers with extensive expertise in design, safety, manufacturing process optimization, ergonomics, structural analysis and regulatory compliance.

We design, build, inspect and maintain.


GH Cranes & Hoists

Liftsafe is a leading supplier of GH products in Canada, offering premier industrial lifting equipment.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

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