Dorn Spreader Beam for Siemens Energy Wind Division


Extendable Dorn Spreader Beam


Wind energy




Lifting equipment

An extendable Dorn Spreader Beam for Siemens Energy Wind Division was built by the Liftsafe engineering team. The extendable spreader beam has a 3 ton capacity and can easily be extended from approximately a 45’ to 70’ span by one worker. The beam is designed to be used in the manufacturing process of windmill blades at Siemens’ facility in Tilsonburg, Ontario.

This piece of equipment has been designed and engineered according to all OSHA and ANSI safety standards. The installation of this piece of equipment will not only increase company productivity, but it will also maximize employee safety within the manufacturing facility. 


Outdoor maintenance travelers

A recent large-scale project has our team installing replacement “Maintenance Travellers” for the underside of a suspension bridge over the St. Lawrence river between Ontario and New York.

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