Custom Engineered Spool Gripper


Material Handling Device






Custom Ergonomic Material Handling

Product innovation and source of supply challenges/changes at a clients’ facility created a unique problem, how do you safely move wire spools when your current lifting device won’t adapt?

This long-time client reached out to our engineering department to assess their needs and develop a solution that works with their new materials.

Liftsafe engineered, designed, and manufactured a unique jaw based lifting device that utilized a pneumatic actuator that could work with their old wire spools as well as their new materials.

Sheet Lifter Device

Clamp Steel Sheet Lifter

Safety is paramount in the aviation industry, hence the necessity for consistent maintenance of aircraft while also ensuring the safety of maintenance crew. Investing in high quality maintenance stands makes good business sense.

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Custom Transfer Cart

One of our customers recently purchased a brand new laser cutting machine that increased production while reducing the footprint in their facility. But there was a problem.

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