Access Stands and Platforms

Our custom access stands are crafted to mainly cater to diverse aircraft applications (and have been adapted for other industries). Our designs prioritize your comfort and safety by incorporating anti-fatigue ladder steps, ensuring a secure and safe experience while executing tasks such as LRU changes, component adjustments, or engine connections/disconnections. Trusted by multiple operators, MROs, and aircraft manufacturers, our stands and platforms are a testament to reliability and performance.

At Liftsafe Engineering, we specialize in designing, engineering, and fabricating custom aircraft maintenance platforms, access stands, and ground support equipment. Our team will tailor solutions to match specific aircraft requirements, delivering platforms and stands that meet or exceed all relevant safety regulations. We adhere to standards such as ANSI-ASC A14.7 and BS EN 131.7, ensuring compliance and offering CE Certification where applicable. With a focus on personnel safety, accessibility, modular construction, and easy re-configuration, you can trust Liftsafe Engineering with your next custom aviation project. 

Access Stands

Our access stands prioritize safety and comfort, featuring anti-fatigue ladder steps for secure and easy operation during LRU changes, component adjustments, and engine connections/disconnections. Trusted by multiple operators, MROs, and aircraft manufacturers, our stands offer reliable performance in diverse aviation environments including military and commercial applications. With a focus on compliance and durability, Liftsafe Engineering access stands ensure efficient and safe access for maintenance personnel, making them the ideal choice for your aircraft maintenance needs.

Maintenance Platforms

Liftsafe Engineering specializes in crafting custom aircraft maintenance platforms, designed for diverse applications. Our platforms are engineered to meet specific aircraft requirements and requests, offering compliant solutions for maintenance needs surrounding the entire aircraft. Each platform is specifically designed to ensure safe and easy operations for maintenance employees and all other necessary personnel. Trust Liftsafe Engineering for custom-made maintenance platforms that deliver unmatched quality and reliability.

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From inception, through to design, fabrication, and installation; Liftsafe Engineering specializes in standard and custom fixed-wing Engine Access Stands. Working alongside our valued clients in the Commercial, Military, and Private Aircraft sectors, we have been recognized as a leader in quality, innovation, dependability and customer service. Our products are designed to safely access maintenance inspection points, perform painting, assembly, overhaul and repairs. Our specialized solutions allow maintenance personnel to work both safely and efficiently while protecting the aircraft. Our stands are constructed with premium materials and products in a CWB Certified Fabrication shop, while exceeding all federal and provincial regulatory requirements including OHSA and ANSI.

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Regulatory and Compliance

Our defining philosophy; “safety in the air, starts on the ground”, highlights our core focus of keeping our clients and their teams safe.

All Liftsafe products are engineered, designed, built and tested in accordance with OHSA and ANSI regulations.

Many of our products have also been tested, and meet or exceed BS EN 131.7, DIN EN 12312-8, EN 1915-1, and include CE certifications.

Built for safety and ease of use

Lightweight and multi-fuctional design, capable of providing a safe solution in a range of applications. Easily access maintenance and inspection points, and hard to reach panels and under-wing areas.
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A focus on the finer details

Heavy duty aluminum construction with anti-slip, anti-fatigue ladder steps for easy movement and corrosion-resistant powder coat finish for longevity.


Backed by engineers

LESG combines the technical knowledge of our aviation experts and in-house engineers with your team to turn your vision and needs into high-quality, safe and reliable aircraft maintenance stands. We work in collaboration with you throughout the engineering, design, fabrication and testing process to deliver products that exceed your expectations and all regulatory requirements.

Research and alignment with industry trends, customer needs, market conditions, and technological advancements remains a cornerstone of our innovative philosophy.

We strive not only to create safe and reliable products, but to uncover opportunities to improve the way you maintain your facilities and aircraft.

Crane and Platform Aviation Case Study

Providing a custom solution for a Canadian airline to better maintain and repair aircraft


Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

Fabrication Capabilities

Offering over 30,000 sq ft of fabrication space that includes a machine shop, fabrication shop, paint booth and assembly area, that gives Liftsafe the capability to take your project from start to finish.

We design, build, inspect and maintain.


GH Cranes & Hoists

Liftsafe is a leading supplier of GH products in Canada, offering premier industrial lifting equipment.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal reporting system is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections.

About Liftsafe

We focus on creating turnkey solutions that allow your employees to do their jobs safely while protecting your company.