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Custom transfer cart

One of our customers recently purchased a brand new laser cutting machine that increased production while reducing the footprint in their facility. But there was a problem.

In such a tight space, it became much more difficult to load the machine without risking damages. We were able to engineer a customized transfer cart that could be loaded by crane and transfer the load into the laser cutting machine safely and with no damage.

Our client loved it. Our out of the box solution was delivered as a result of our in-house engineering team. We designed and engineered a customized transfer cart that utilizes the mobility and load ratio of the overhead crane to safely transfer product to the laser cutting machine. Saving the customer time and damage risk.

Clamp Steel Sheet Lifter

Sheet lifter device

Our team at Liftsafe engineered this electric powered telescoping sheet lifter for a valued client. The sheet lifter comes equipped with adjustable lifting fingers, worm and worm gear to prevent backlash, and a slip clutch torque limiter to prevent damaging the gears during operation.

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Sheet Lifter Device

Clamp Steel Sheet Lifter

Safety is paramount in the aviation industry, hence the necessity for consistent maintenance of aircraft while also ensuring the safety of maintenance crew. Investing in high quality maintenance stands makes good business sense.

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