Water Weight Load Test for 25-ton double girder top running crane


Water Weight Load Test






Load testing services

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group used a water weight to perform two load tests on a 25-ton double girder top running crane at a local customers facility. This load test was performed to check to ensure that the piece of equipment can perform the following functions:

Liftsafe uses a variety of custom and standard load testing solutions including; portable, five-ton load tester to load test chain falls and pullers, this allows Liftsafe the ability to complete on-site, certifiable inspections and repairs with little downtime to our customer’s production. We use a calibrated system that provides accurate load measurements. We also use suspended weights to load test overhead bridge cranes, lifting beams and hoists. Our technicians and engineers ensured the test met all required standards and issued a load test certificate upon completing the load test.

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