Structural Upgrades

Liftsafe specializes in structural upgrades to existing support structures and crane systems. Our engineers can evaluate damaged or undersized structures and provide solutions for reinforcement or repairs to ensure your structures are load worthy. Do you have a damaged building column? Liftsafe can provide a structural report including a design for reinforcement to ensure your building is safe. Take it a step further and let our qualified welders make the necessary repairs.

Is your crane undersized and you are looking for more capacity?
Liftsafe can provide a turn-key engineered solution to provide you with the lifting needs necessary to fulfil your lifting requirements.

Some of the structural upgrades we can complete include:

  • Forklift damaged columns
  • Undersized mezzanine columns
  • Undersized racking
  • Damaged racking
  • Undersized roof joists
  • Undersized crane structures
  • Jib crane extensions
  • Machine support structures

As your business grows so too does your material handling requirements, and your existing structures and overhead equipment may no longer be able to meet your material handling demands. Fortunately, though there are several options available to you including:

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