Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. is pleased to offer various mechanical and industrial professional engineering services. One of our Professional Engineers will meet with you or your design team, to create an individual solution based on the requirements of your project. Some of our services include:

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSHSR)

In Ontario, it is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, that industrial machinery or equipment has a Pre-Start Health and Safety review (PSHSR) carried out by a licensed Professional Engineer. This can include machine guarding, racking and lifting equipment.

A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review is an assessment by a Professional Engineer of any industrial apparatus, protective element, process, or structure, to ensure compliance with applicable standards as laid out in Section 7 of Regulation 851, R.R.O. 1990 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The assessment involves an inspection of equipment followed by a written report, indicating measures required to bring the equipment into compliance with the applicable standards. The purpose of a PSHSR is to identify and eliminate workplace hazards, through proper safeguarding of the equipment.

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. has extensive experience working with machine guarding, racking structures and lifting devices. One of our Professional Engineers will visit your facility to inspect the equipment and then provide an exemption letter or a report detailing the requirements to bring your equipment in compliance with the law.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments compliment Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews by providing a complete analysis of an industrial hazard to identify and rate the risk associated with the hazard. It is important that an employer practice due diligence in matters of employee’s safety, especially where the law is concerned.

When a PSHSR is carried out on a machine without risk assessment, all hazards are identified as being of high risk. This means that all hazards must be guarded in the most stringent manner to ensure the safety of the operator. However, a risk assessment may identify a hazard of low risk, thus possibly reducing the costs associated with safeguarding that hazard. Furthermore, by having the risk assessment performed, your company will be demonstrating that it has taken all available steps to protect its employees from the hazards posted by the machine.

Safeguarding Reports

Have a partial or plant-wide safeguarding report prepared for your manufacturing facility. The report will detail the safeguarding requirements needed to bring your machinery into compliance with machinery safeguarding standards.

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