PF-Series Gantry Cranes


Weight Capacity Customizable Height Span
.Weight Capacity.
Up to 15 tons
Height Under Beam.
Up to 35'
Span Length.
Up to 40'

- V-Groove Track Drives: Two motors drive rigid steel V-groove wheels along a fixed path; see Power Drive Options Kits
- Guide Angle Drives: Ideal for installations where gantry runs along a wall, two motors on one side of the gantry drive trackless polyurethane wheels that are led by a small guide angle; the guide angle simply lags into the floor, at the base of the wall; see Power Drive Kits
- Crane Rail Drives: Two motors drive double flange steel wheels along a fixed path
- Truly Trackless (Aligning) Drives: These drives are ideal for when you need to keep your shop floor clear of all tracks or angle guides; a selector switch in the control pendant selectively turns each motor on and off to guide the gantry along

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