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Installed at a nuclear reactor mock-up facility, our team at Liftsafe engineered, designed, manufactured, installed, and inspected an 80 foot 1 ton Jib Crane system. Designed to operate in 50 km/h sustained wind speed, this specific Jib Crane extends 35′ through a custom rooftop hatch opening. All powered by 2 radio control pendants.

At Liftsafe our Jib Crane systems are designed to address and resolve ergonomic concerns thereby substantially reducing workplace injuries, insurance premiums, and lost time due to absenteeism. In order to meet the specific needs of any facility, our team is here to create custom solutions tailored to your organization.
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Workstation Jib Crane

This client of ours was looking to maximize productivity and morale, as well as employee safety. Our team was brought in to come up with a viable solution for eliminating their material handling concerns.

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Custom Transfer Cart

One of our customers recently purchased a brand new laser cutting machine that increased production while reducing the footprint in their facility. But there was a problem.

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