Gantry Cranes

With virtually hundreds of versatile models of Gantry Cranes available, Liftsafe specializes in designing systems that offer flexibility and reliability when you need it. These systems are ideal for applications where lifting support is required without the use of building columns or structural supports. 

We specialize in four distinct models designed to accomplish various tasks in your facility, which include Portable Gantries, Adjustable Gantries, Track-Mounted Gantries and Semi Gantry Cranes.

Portable Gantries

Portable Gantry Cranes are ideal for reaching all areas of your facility. Designed to lift and move materials, Portable Gantry Cranes are easy to assemble and deassemble, and designed for weights up to 10 Tons. 

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Adjustable Gantries

Adjustable Gantry Cranes allow for height, span, and tread adjustments to accommodate uneven floors, doorways, aisles, and under mezzanines and other overhead obstructions.

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Track-Mounted Gantries

Designed for manual or motorized travel over a fixed route.  

Semi Gantry Cranes

Semi Gantry Cranes allow for you to maximize your facilities workspace without needing a runway system from the top of the building. 

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