Control Upgrades

A control upgrade is a perfect investment for your company if you are looking to increase your cranes' speed, its lifting capacity, enhance operator ergonomics and even apply a new safety feature or positioning capability. There are several ways in which we can assist you in achieving the statements above. Listed below are some control upgrades that can be completed easily:

Motors: By exchanging your old motor for a new one you will be able to enhance your cranes' speed and lifting capacity.

Control System Upgrade:  If your crane currently is utilizing an older control system, then by upgrading your control system to the current technology you will be able to enhance the operator’s ergonomics and your load control.

Bridge Drives: You can upgrade to a heavy-duty foot mounted gearbox.

Power Supply:  By changing the conductors and collectors, and control cables you can reduce the risk of shortages and external damage.

Radio Control:  Floor operated controls will allow for the operator to have a good vantage point fo the load on the hook and to manually assist it.

Upper Limit Switches: Allow for upper-limit production which can help to prevent the bottom block form damaging the drum and cable.

Automation Technology: automated features can help to improve the efficiency and precision of the loads while at the same time allowing for the crane operator to pay increased attention to the surrounding work environment. This will promote a safer and more productive operation.

These are just some of the different ways that you can upgrade your controls in order to increase the usage of your crane and other lifting equipment; for a full list of potential upgrades you can have completed to optimize your crane please contact us.

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