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Manufacturing Facility in Ontario


Custom Lift Equipment

When standard won’t work, that’s where Liftsafe shines. A client in Ontario contacted us after learning that a recently purchased Articulating Jib Crane wouldn’t quite do the trick. Their facility, which is known for high production demands with short timelines, needed a customized approach as the standard Jib wouldn’t work efficiently/safely due to facility constraints.
Liftsafe engineered, designed, fabricated, and installed a custom mount to work with their Articulating Jib Crane raising and lowering the system maximizing the equipment’s functionality. Working with our trusted suppliers Spanco and Kito, we were able to solve their problem with a fast, efficient, and safe solution.
Material Handling Equipment

Overhead Material Handling Equipment

This company recently expanded the manufacturing sector of their business. In order to ensure that everything would run efficiently and comply with safety standards and regulations, they contacted us in order to install a complete line of overhead material handling equipment.

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Back view of worker looking at one fourth ton Outdoor Jib Crane

1/4 Ton Outdoor Jib Crane

This Floor Mounted Outdoor Jib crane project was ordered for outdoor use in Artic weather and had to be designed, manufactured, installed and inspected for hash climate conditions.

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