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I have had my inspections completed by Liftsafe for many years and have never been dissapointed or let down by the ladies who take care of invoicing and bookings, to the guys who come in and complete the work. 

I just want to say thanks to everyone for their hard work.

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Tony Giovinazzo, A J Braun Manufacturing

Ergonomic Material Handling

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group specializes in ergonomic material handling equipment. Our team of experts specialize in lifting device design, lift assist system designs, material handling vertical lifts, manual ergonomic pick and place systems and work station improvements for manufacturing, assembly, production and distribution centers that currently use human power for material handling. We also provide automated material handling solutions.

Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment

At Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group Inc., we take a consultative approach in applying ergonomically designed lift assists, specialty lifting equipment, and other work area improvements. We strive to balance the concerns of workplace safety with the productivity and risk management needs of the client. Our ultimate goal is to provide an injury-free, highly productive labour force.


  • Ergonomic cranes
  • Ergonomic lifting devices
  • Zero gravity lifters and balancers
  • Ergonomic lift tables & scissor lifts
  • Lift design and build 
  • Lift assist hoists
  • Material handling vertical lifts
  • Vacuum lift assist devices and industrial manipulator arms
  • Ergonomic system design
  • Pick and place applications end effectors
  • Workstation design and build

This is a cost effective and profitable alternative to worker injuries when weights, repetitive movements, working posture or nature of the movement creates injury hazards for the individual performing these tasks. Ergonomic hazards can result in debilitating injuries, reduced productivity and subsequent loss of work time through rehabilitation. Along with safety concerns, risk management issues are addressed when ergonomic solutions are applied to the work place.


  • Improved product and performance quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in unintentional damage to the finished product and work area equipment
  • Improved worker morale and lower workforce turnover
  • Improved attendance

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