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Everything You May Need to Know About Girder Cranes in One Spot


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Single top running, single under running, double top running and double under running, these four distinct different categories are what sets girder overhead cranes apart from each other.

This article will focus on each one of these distinct categories separately so you will be able to gain a complete understanding of just what is a girder crane, and what one might suit your needs best.


Top Running Single Girder Overhead Crane

These cranes feature maximum rigidity and have extremely minimum deadweight, which allows for the load on the crane runway to be kept low. Top running single girder overhead cranes are also referred to as top running cranes or single girder cranes.

So some of the benefits of a single girder overhead crane include:

Often Top Running Single Girder Overhead cranes have a computer-optimized box section for the crane girder
A control pendant which is suspended to allow for separate travel on the crane girder
The end truck of torsionally rigid, welded box girder construction
With a low-headroom design, when equipped with a rope hoist these cranes have a favourable hook approach dimensions which thus allows for them to have a large service area
The travel wheels are often highly wear-resistant and have self-lubricating properties
There is a minimum load-sway because of the variable cross travel speeds
You will notice an immediately improved use of your production area because this crane requires no floor space

Top Running Single Girder Crane

Under Running Single Girder Cranes

Under running single girder cranes can simply be attached to your existing roof structure, eliminating any need for any runway support columns. This allows for your entire floor area to be dedicated to production. Often times the peripheral areas of the workshop are used for the girder overhangs to extend the travel range of the hoist trolley beyond the runways.

You can also have an optional latching device added to this crane which allows for it to be possible to transfer the hoist trolley from the crane girder to a branch track, without it ever having to deposit the load.

The benefits of an under running single girder crane includes:

An end truck optimized structural design
Rigid beam girders or a welded box girder which allows for optimum load distribution
The optional ability to have girder ends tailored to allow for loads to be handled immediately to the adjacent building wall

Under Running Single Girder Crane

Top Running Double Girder Cranes

Double girder overhead cranes have an almost unmatched dead-weight/load capacity ratio. These cranes are characterized by their amazing crane geometry, which ensures favourable travel characteristics, thus ensuring minimum wear on the crane. They have a particularly large lifting height something, which is possible because the load hook can be raised between both crane girders. Depending on the requirements you have of this crane will determine if the overhead double girder crane can be fitted with radio or operator cab controls.

An optional maintenance platform and trolley platform can be added, this helps to ensure that you not only facilitate your crane maintenance but can also ensure that any of your hall fittings such as lamps, supply lines or anything similar can quickly and easily be reached.

The benefits of Top Running Double Girder Cranes:

They are performance-oriented and are designed for high speeds on all axes
They often have an optimized structural design which uses software to meet crane duty class requirements set per specified standards
With a low dead-weight, it has a reduced initial runway structural investment

Top Running Double Girder Crane

Under Running Double Girder Cranes

Under running cranes or bridges, cranes are the ideal solution for when the headroom is limited. These cranes travel underneath there runway system which allows for you to maximize the distance between the ground and hook. These crane systems are typically supported by the structure of the building, which will then allow for you to maximize the height of the building.

Benefits of Under Running Double Girder Cranes:

The ridged beam girders or weld box girders allow for optimum load distribution
Like top running girder cranes loads can be handled immediately adjacent to the building wall if the girder ends are tailored the this application
The end truck is optimized for a structural design
They have a constant quality of overhead travelling crane benefits

Under Running Double Girder Crane

Whether it is top running, under running double or single an overhead girder crane will be able to help you to improve the efficiency of your work floor. With the ability to quickly move products across the floor it is obvious why these cranes are one of the number one ways to improve efficiency within the workplace. Though sometimes it is best to talk to an expert about what would work best for your building, requirements and workforce, every situation is different which is why there are crane experts ready to help you figure out what crane would be best for you.


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