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Common Ways to Misuse Hand Chain Hoists


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Hand Chain Hoists are ideal for construction, maintenance and industrial applications. They are a reliable and efficient solution for facilities where electricity is impractical or unavailable.

What is a Hand Chain Hoist?

Hand Chain Hoists are designed to minimize the amount of pulling effort required of the operator, which helps to reduce the amount of strain they experience. These hoists are one of the most commonly used pieces of lifting equipment, due to their level of versatility throughout a wide variety of industries.

Hand Chain Hoists can provide unmatched durability and reliability but this does not mean that they are indestructible. If proper technique is not used during a lift, a Hand Chain Hoist can be very susceptible to damage.

This blog post will go into detail about the most common ways that Chain Hoists are misused.

1) Pulling the Chain Too Hard

It is of the utmost importance the loosen your grip when using a chain hoist. This is because applying too much force on the chain can cause the chain to a) pull off the hoist completely or b) come off the sprocket or even stretch the chain links themselves.

2) Modifying the Hoist

Modifying a hoist is not only dangerous but it voids the manufacturers’ warranty. An example of modifying a hoist would be popping off the latches of the hoist to make picking up a load easier.

3) Overloading the Hoist

Putting too much weight on the hoist leads to damaged equipment, damaged loads, employee downtime, and stretched hooks. When a hook is stretched is becomes unrepeatable and therefore unusable.

4) Running the Chain fall into the Load

When handling a chain hoist it is best to be slow and steady. It is not uncommon to accidentally run the chain fall into the load which can cause the chain to jam up and run slower or dent the housing, making it that much more important to go slow and steady when using a hand chain hoist to prevent it from jamming up or to quickly make any corrections when it does jam up.

5) Twisting the Chain

Twisting the chain causes the chain itself to twist and become jammed inside the gears of the hoist.  This causes many internal issues, which could lead to the hoist becoming irreparable or a high bill to repair it.

6) Twisting the Hoist

When the hoist moves aimlessly it could cause the chain to fall off the sprocket or allow objects nearby to come into contact with the load or hoist even. It is very dangerous to allow the hoist to twist or spin as you are lifting a load.

So How Can You Avoid Making These Mistakes? 

To avoid the previously stated mistakes when operating a Hand Chain Hoist, we recommend:

Only apply the necessary amount of force when pulling.
Never modify or alter your equipment in any way.
Always ensure that the operator is aware of the hoist’s capacity or load limit.
Slowly and steadily pull the hoist to avoid swinging it.
Be sure to examine the area where you are suspending the load from, to ensure you avoid any obstructions or passers-by.
Ensure you have your hoists inspected regularly.


Can you think of any more common mistakes when operating a Hand Chain Hoist?

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