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Efficiently and safely move products during fabrication

This customer needed to increase production capacities in order to adopt a more efficient, simplified manufacturing workflow. They understood early on that a material handling system would be critical to their success, so they enlisted the aid of Liftsafe Engineering to design and install the necessary lifting systems. 

Liftsafe was determined to optimise the system’s headroom, floor coverage, and build a system that prioritised the operator’s workflow. Liftsafe created specialised cranes and fall arrest systems to take advantage of every available inch of vertical space along the system’s length.

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Polytainers Overhead Bridge Crane

Working with Liftsafe to install an overhead bridge crane with 136 feet of runways and added support structure allowed Polytainers to move equipment safely and efficiently without having to add new manufacturing space.

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Articulating Jib Crane

A client in Ontario contacted us after learning that a recently purchased Articulating Jib Crane wouldn’t quite do the trick. Their facility needed a customized approach as the standard Jib wouldn’t work efficiently/safely due to facility constraints.

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80 Ton Jib Crane

80 foot 1 ton Jib Crane

Installed at a nuclear reactor mock-up facility, our team at Liftsafe engineered, designed, manufactured, installed, and inspected an 80′ 1 Ton Jib Crane system. Designed to operate in 50 km/h sustained wind speed, this specific Jib Crane extends 35′ through a custom rooftop hatch opening.

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