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Let’s Change 735 Injuries to Zero


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Updated March 2020

Machines need machine guarding, and that’s a reality!  There is a cost involved however, but at the end of the day, it can and will keep your employees safe.

For example, an unfortunate incident occurred at the Ice Plant in Seaford, Del. in 2015, where the company failed to guard a piece of machinery which eventually resulted in an accident so severe, it left an employee with both legs amputated. With modern technology, you would think we would not have to worry about such accidents occurring. Though the technology DOES exists to prevent such injuries, as an organization, YOU have to be the one to take the initiative to ensure the appropriate machine guarding is installed on your machines.

Unfortunately, many accidents like this happen all over the country and the world. The lack of machine guarding or inadequate lockout procedures is one of the top four causes of workplace accidents in Ontario.

Ensure that both your employees and your business reputation are safe. No one wants an injured employee, tarnished reputation or lawsuit on their hands.

So what can you do?

Make sure you follow the rules
Emphasize safety over deadlines
Train your employees on how to properly use machinery
Ensure your guarding technology and hazard assessments are up to date
Be aware of OHSA/OSHA health and safety updates and requirements
Make sure your equipment is regularly inspected

Let’s try and change the statistics. Instead of having 735 Workers Injured in the U.S.A., let’s work to zero workers injured. Be a part of the solution by ensuring your machines are properly guarded to prevent your company and employees from becoming part of another statistic.