Wire Rope Crane Inspections

 Annual Inspections Required

Governing bodies such as OHSAThe MOLANSI, and CSA mandate that inspections be required at regular service intervals. 

Often we are asked not only what we inspect, but when it was required to be inspected. Is it a recommended inspection? Mandatory? What about the frequency, annually, semi-annually?

We have created a comprehensive list of the over 40 Standard types of inspections we offer here at Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc, and provided you with a brief description of what you can expect from our inspections.  

Equipment Type: Wire Rope Crane | Inspection Frequency Required: Annual | Primary Governing Body:

Annual Inspections are Required for this particular piece of equipment and is not only mandated, but routinely enforced via inspection blitzes and audits. Our expert Technicians evaluate over 15 mandatory inspection points on this piece of equipment, ensuring your equipment undergoes a rigorous and thorough examination prior to a "safe" status being designated. 

Liftsafe Technicians are trained and certified to not only inspect but repair all Wire Rope Cranes, in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.

Wire Rope Crane Inspection Notes:

Wire ropes of a properly designed and maintained crane will deteriorate throughout their entire service life by two principal degradation mechanisms:

  • External and internal fatigue, caused by bending over sheaves and/or winding on drums, and
  • Crushing, caused by spooling on multilayer drums.

While the above types of rope deterioration can be minimized by proper crane design and rope maintenance procedures, they are deemed unavoidable and part of normal rope life.
Other rope degradation, such as excessive wear, corrosion or mechanical damage are considered problems that can be remedied by appropriate preventative maintenance procedures. Corrective measures might include rope re-lubrication, sheave alignment, etc.

Why Liftsafe?

As is standard with all of our inspections, your inspections will be performed via a wireless tablet and data will be uploaded to a secure Customer Portal for viewing within 24 hours. At this time you will be able to track what work has been performed, what repairs are required, and track all of your equipment information in one secure location.

What sets our inspections apart from our competition? Learn about our processcustomer portal, and industry leading wireless inspections here.

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