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Thank you for contacting our customer support team.

Thank you for contacting our dedicated customer support team. A notification has been sent to our team regarding your project and you should receive a response within 24 hours. 

You can also call us directly at (519) 896-2430 or email us at or We’re here to ensure your satisfaction and resolve any issues promptly.


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If you are in Canada

You will receive follow up from Liftsafe Engineering.

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If you are in the United States or another country outside Canada

Our sister company in the United States, Factory Supply will be reaching out to you in order to provide more localized service.

Also, be sure to check your spam filter if you have never received anything from us before and haven’t whitelisted our email domain.

As a company that supports clients worldwide; a team member will connect you with the company/team that best supports your location.


At Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group, our primary focus is safety. Throughout our five companies we combine to offer over 10,000 safety products and services designed to keep your employees, customers, and facilities safe!

Innovation and Sustainability

We pride ourselves in being recognized as an industry leader in sustainability and innovation, learn more here.

Support and Expertise

Our team combines to offer expertise in fields from engineering and design to fabrication and inspection, safety, and technical specialists, as well as customer service and QA/QC to name a few.

Custom Designed Solutions

Sometimes an out of the box solution just won’t work. Let us do the heavy lifting and help you find the right solution for your unique application.

Safety Resources at your Fingertips

View and download our latest safety resources designed to showcase the many ways we can help keep your safe!  

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