Roof Anchor Pull Testing

Roof Top Anchor & Davit Arm Load Testing

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. offers a range of services related to non-destructive load testing of rooftop fall arrest anchors and davit arm assemblies.

By having your rooftop anchors inspected annually you will be ensuring that you are compliant with government regulations, and you will be helping to;
- Prevent Any Potential Accidents
- Protect Your Employees
- Protect Your Investment

Our licensed professional engineers are qualified in rooftop anchor system inspection and maintenance and are trained to ensure that your rooftop anchor or davit arm is compliant with OSHA, OHSA, CSA and ANSI standards.

It's the Law

Inspections shall be completed according to CSA Z91 ( at intervals not exceeding twelve (12) months.

All new anchors shall be inspected and tested according to CSA Z91 (7.3.1) and CSA Z271 (6.3.2b). A Professional Engineer or a qualified person under the supervision of a Professional Engineer shall complete the inspection and load testing of new anchors.

All adhesive or expansion anchors shall be tested at intervals not exceeding five (5) years, in accordance with clause 6.3.2b of CSA Z271.

Inspections of structural components shall include, but not be limited to:
- A review of the design drawings to ensure compliance with current regulations standards and engineering standards.
- An inspection of the system to ensure compliance with the engineered drawings.
- An inspection of all exposed, visible and accessible components of the system for signs of deformity.

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