Coupling Inspection

The Mechanical Coupling is located between the hoist motor and the hoisting gear case. It is a critical component for the safe operation of cranes and other types of lifting equipment.

The failure of a Hoist Coupling has the potential to cause to a load drop; which is an enormous safety concern. Thus demonstrating the drastic need for the part to be regularly inspected and maintained.

To check the overall reliability of the coupling, a non-destructive test can be performed. If the coupling is not easily accessible, we recommend that they be replaced. The proper alignment, assembly and lubrication are all crucial for a proper coupling life. If you place your cranes within our PM Plus program the couplings will be checked over as part of the maintenance of the crane.

As is standard with all of our inspections, your inspections will be performed via a wireless tablet and data will be uploaded to a secure Customer Portal for viewing within 24 hours. At this time, you will be able to track what work has been performed, what repairs are required, and track all of your equipment information in one secure location.

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