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Liftsafe is a leading Crane manufacturer, providing over several different categories of crane options to our extensive customer base throughout North America. With over 25 years experience manufacturing, installing, inspecting, and repairing cranes we are a trusted provider of complete crane systems. Working alongside our trusted and reliable suppliers, we combine expert service and parts to create both standard and custom systems that are not only reliable but affordable.

Crane Reliability Crane Manufacturing Overhead Cranes
Cranes Compliance Programs

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. can help make sure your cranes are compliant with current safety standards such as OHSA/OSHA, ANSI and CSA.

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 Crane Manufacturing
Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. provides lifting equipment to a broad range of industries. Systems are designed to suit the application’s capacity, duty class and environmental conditions.

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Overhead Cranes

Our expert team of engineers will work with you in order to create the optimum overhead lifting system for your facility, with ranging capacities from 1 to 100 tons.  

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Jib Cranes Gantry Cranes Workstation Bridge Cranes
Jib Cranes

With over 25 years experience manufacturing, installing, inspecting, and repairing Jib Cranes we are a trusted provider of complete Jib Crane systems.

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Gantry Cranes

With virtually hundreds of versatile models of Gantry Cranes available, Liftsafe specializes in designing systems that offer flexibility and reliability when you need it.

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Workstation Bridge Cranes
Workstation Bridge Cranes are designed to eliminate manual lifting and enable/empower your workers to move loads from workstation to workstation.

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Crane Modernization Chain & Wire Rope Hoist load testing
Crane Modernization

Liftsafe’s specially trained technicians will perform structural, electrical and mechanical modifications to your crane that will increase its reliability and performance while saving you the expense of purchasing a new crane.

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Crane Components

Liftsafe provides a large selection of electric, air and manual hoist products to suit every application. By choosing Liftsafe, you can feel confident in your hoist selection, because we service what we sell!

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Load Testing

Many applications require load testing, and we offer a wide range of on-site and in-shop, non-destructive load testing methods.


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