Steel Structure Analysis

Similar to a crane reliability analysis a steel structure analysis reviews the steel structures of your crane and completes an analysis on how well it is able to shoulder the weight of your lifting operations. If a cranes structure is shown to be fatigued it means that your employees’ safety is being compromised.

By having a steel structure analysis completed on your crane you will be able to see a detailed picture of the remaining life of your cranes' steel structure, as well as becoming aware of any defects that may be present in the crane.

During this Analysis our Certified Inspectors will evaluate:

  • Visual inspection of the whole steel structure
  • Inspect the Trolley Structures
  • Inspect the Hook Block
  • Non-Destructive testing may be performed

This analysis can also help you with the decision between a crane modernization and purchasing new equipment. On top of determining what inspection plan and maintenance plan should be put into effect if the cranes' steel structure is not determined to be fatigued.

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