Safety Reviews & Audits

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. are the experts in industrial safety assessments. Our Engineering group is dedicated to providing safety compliance solutions for manufacturing equipment systems.


A Safety Audit provides management with three major benefits:

  • Reduces business risk - Safety audits improve the effectiveness of safety programs and will reduce injury risk and WSIB claims.
  • Increases plant efficiency - Workers are confident that management strongly supports health and safety programs.
  • Saves time and money - Fewer lost time accidents means better productivity and a better bottom line.
  • Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. works closely with our customers at all levels to develop compliance solutions and strategies. Our licensed Engineers will come to your facility to evaluate existing working conditions and equipment and will provide an objective evaluation of the process, based on the most current legislation, standards, and industry-wide best practices.

We Specialize In

  • Machine guarding compliance
  • Confined Spaces
  • Racking and stacking structures /structural support
  • Fall protection
  • Lifting/hoisting equipment

Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. takes a consultative and collaborative approach to the Safety Audit process. After all, our clients know their machinery better than anyone else. A licensed Professional Engineer will come on site to inspect the facility and look at areas of concern. Together, through discussion with management and workers, we develop and refine safety systems solutions that are user-friendly, operationally efficient, and safety compliant.

Written Reports

  • Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. utilizes a simple three-step format for each location/hazard in your facility.
  • Identification - Describing the nature of the hazard as well as the relative severity.
  • Legislation - Reference to the applicable regulations.
  • Recommendations - Suitable means of resolving the hazard. Where possible, several options are given, including an acceptable short-term fix, and more thorough, long-term solutions.

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