RoofGuard X-Press Rail

Simplicity is one of the number one things which was kept in mind when as we designed RoofGuard X-Press, this rooftop guardrail system has the ability to quickly and easily install onto most roof-tops. It has a modular design which allows for its easy installation without requiring any sort of penetration to your rooftop structure.

With our unique and innovative baseplates which are designed in order to be lightweight, stable on all roof surfaces, but are also stackable this allows for them to be installed with minimal effort. Just like with our all of our RoofGuard products, RoofGuard X-Press uses a counterweight system, which involves no cutting into the existing rooftop surface; this means that the railing has no direct or permanent attachment to your roof, meaning no holes, which means there is no re-sealing which means you will have no leaks!

RoofGuard has been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSIOSHAOHSA & WorkSafeBC.

Technical Specifications 

RooGuard X-Press
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • 1.9" OD Handrail Pipe
  • Minimal tools required for assembly
  • Custom colours available to match existing structure
  • Extra heights available for moderately elevated work near an edge.
  • Self-weighted bases are portable and allow simple, non-penetrating installation to the rooftop.
  • Fixed base sockets are also available for bolt-on applications
  • Typical railing spans are 4', 6', 8' and 10'

RoofGuard X-Press Features and Benefits:

 Questionnaire Checklist Permanent Skylight Guardrail Solution Designed to Fit Any Skylight System
Like all of our rooftop guardrail systems, RoofGuard X-Press is free standing and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Designed with safety yellow leading edge guardrail, these rooftop guardrail systems also act as a secondary warning sign of where the leading edge is located. These rooftop guardrail systems can be set up to fit around almost any obstruction that may be located on the rooftop.
Prevent Falls Safe and Reliable Questionnaire Checklist
Prevent employees and contractors from falling when working on your rooftop by providing a fall protection guardrail system. This innovative rooftop guardrail system is designed in order to be lightweight, but durable and is a portable/movable system, making it perfect for both temporary and permanent applications. Designed in order to be a permanent solution this guardrail system is also fully modular, and can be taken down, moved and reconstruct as needed.

RoofGuard X-Press Rail Options: 

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