Mechanical Spring Balancers

Gravity Free Mechanical Spring Balancers are designed for intermediate, heavy, and super-duty, providing a ergonomically sound material handling solution.

Additional Balancer Features
- Precise, strain-free positioning allows an operator to hands-free raise, lower, or shift heavy loads with virtually no resistance.
- Built-in safety features include overload protection and cable recoil breaks.
- Vertical movement is accomplished through the use of ergonomic pendant controls with minimal effort, by colour coded levers.
- Hook mount systems can suspend with ease on a fixed system such as a Jib Crane or Workstation Crane

Eliminate downward drift of suspended loads or tools during shutdowns

Benefits of a Mechanical Spring Balancer
- Rapid ROI through increased productivity
- Reduced product damage
- Decrease risk of operator injury
- Enhances job performance
- Eliminates potential regulatory fines for unsafe work

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