Load Testing

Many items may require load testing to validate the above categories. Our technicians and engineers will provide a load test in compliance with the required standards and issue a load test certificate upon successful completion of the load test. Liftsafe Engineering has the capabilities, resources and equipment to provide these services.

Owned Equipment Include:
- Load test weights both steel and concrete up to 25-ton for on-site commissioning and compliance requirements.
- In-Shop 10-ton load testing stands for validation of in-shop repaired hoists, chain falls and pullers.
- Portable 5-ton load testing stands for customer site hoists, chainfalls and pullers during inspections or after on-site repairs.
- In-Shop PALD load testing stands for portable automotive lifting devices including automotive jacks and stands used for validation of item holding and structural capabilities.

Other Available Equipment:
- Additional load test weights for any capacity lift
- Water Weights for specialty load testing circumstances

Onsite Load Testing
Liftsafe uses a custom, portable, five-ton load tester in order to load test chain falls and pullers, this allows Liftsafe the ability to complete on-site, certifiable inspections and repairs with little downtime to our customer’s production. We use a calibrated system which allows for accurate load measurements. We also use suspended weights in order to load test overhead bridge cranes, lifting beams and hoists.

Hoist Load Testing
When we load test your hoists our service department will provide you with electrical, mechanical and structural repairs. The load testing is only completed on equipment once repairs are complete, and a repair certificate will be provided to you, which outlines the services completed, including the load tests.

What Load Tests Check For
A load test is performed in order to check to ensure that the piece of equipment is able to perform the following functions:
- Hoisting and Lowering
- Trolley Travel
- Bridge Travel
- Limit Switches
- Locking
- Safety Devices

Not only will the load test ensure all of these functions are in proper working order, but it is also critical to ensure the equipment is safe for the employees to use and also ensures it will not hinder the productivity of the workplace.

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