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Liftsafe is a leading Jib Crane manufacturer, providing over seven different categories of Jib Crane options to our extensive customer base throughout North America. With over 25 years experience manufacturing, installing, inspecting, and repairing Jib Cranes we are a trusted provider of complete Jib Crane systems. Working alongside our trusted and reliable suppliers, we combine expert service and parts to create both standard and custom systems that are not only reliable but affordable. 

Typically our systems offer lifting support for loads ranging anywhere from 100lbs. to 30,000lbs. however, custom designs are available. With a full in-house engineering, design, fabrication, and installation team available we offer the most comprehensive Jib Crane options on the market.

Our Categories of Jib Cranes include:

Wall Mounted | Free-Standing | Mast-Style | Workstation | Articulating | Wall-Traveling | Portable

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