Intelligent Lifting Devices

Intelligent Lifting Devices combine the industry’s finest, thoroughly proven, mechanical balancing technology with the intelligence of precise, reliable electronic controls. This innovative combination provides operators with a safe, ergonomically beneficial, and highly flexible solution that can enhance productivity and cost savings.

A complete line of end effectors can be used with the controls for greater efficiency.  To learn more about which type of Intelligent Lifting Devices will be right for your application, contact one of our expert sales staff. With over 60 years of combined experience with balancers, we will ensure you select a balancer that works for you!

Additional Intelligent Lifting Devices Features
- Self Balancing - Intuitive speed control for a variety of different weights
- Robust Design - Electric controls plus air operation give you continuous duty cycle with minimal maintenance
- Part Present Sensor - Eliminates the potential to accidentally drop a part(s)
- Multi-Speed Capabilities - Three-speed selector enables speeds to match each application and operator comfort levels
- Multiple Modes - Hoist Mode (lift and lower), Float Mode, Pouring/Dump Mode, Smart Drop Mode

Benefits of an Intelligent Lifting Device
- Rapid ROI through increased productivity
- Reduced product damage
- Decrease risk of operator injury
- Enhances job performance
- Eliminates potential regulatory fines for unsafe work

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