Hoist, Trolley and Crane Upgrades

Is your Girder Crane in need of an upgrade? We both can increase or decrease the length of your girders span.  This is something which may be necessary during a building expansion, or when you are fitting a used crane into an existing building.

Maybe your girder requires repairs or reinforcement. This is especially important to do when the lift capacity is being uprated. Which is why we offer hoist, trolley and crane upgrades.

Some Areas we Upgrade:

  • Bridge Bumpers
  • Platforms
  • End Truck and Wheel Assemblies
  • Hoist Gear Cases
  • Self-Adjusting, Self-Aligning Brakes
  • Bridge Brakes
  • Bottom Blocks

No matter the reason as to why you require your hoist, trolley or crane to be upgraded or modified know that you can depend upon Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. to get the job done.

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