Facility Equipment Inspections

At Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc., we pride ourselves on our complete and accurate certification and inspection procedure to ensure your lifting equipment is “Safe”. Our qualified inspectors meet and exceed all requirements for your annual inspections. Liftsafe utilizes the latest technology to ensure timely, accurate inspections and reports. Our safety inspectors will give you peace of mind knowing that we did the job right the first time!

Facility Equipment We Inspect

Anchor Point >

Davit Base >

Die Cart/Pump Cart >

Dock Leveller >

Drop Lift Structures >

Fall Arrest Equipment >

Fall Arrest Support Systems >

Fixed Access Ladder >

Ladders >

Lifting Support Structure >

Lift Tilt/Tilt Table >

Lift Truck >

Man Lift >

Overhead Door >

Racking Structure >

Special Needs Equipment >

Support Stand >

Trolley >

Wire Rope Crane >

Websling/Eyebolt/Fittings >

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