Crane Reliability Analysis

Unfortunately, cranes have finite service life which is determined based around if it is meeting your production demands or if it has deteriorated over time; which is why people have a crane reliability analysis completed in order to determine how long the crane will remain reliable for before it starts to fail. This planning process can range from deciding on a crane modernization, investing in a PM program or even when starting to look into buying a new crane.

When we complete a Crane Reliability Analysis there are several things which we observe including the following:

  • The production and operating environment of your crane
  • The overall condition of the cranes' structures and components which is then used to determine the safety, productivity, usability and to determine the remaining design life
  • We will then interview the operators and maintenance personnel and review all pertinent documentation
  • After this, we will provide you with a detailed report which will go into detail about any maintenance, modernizations and or replacements you should start to look into

Overall a crane reliability analysis is an ideal way to determine the state of your crane in order to help you plan your future usage and expenses regarding your crane.

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