11 Ton Wire Rope Hoist, GHD13_104105M5

Technical Specifications

Part Number Weight Speed Prevent Falls
Part Number.
Weight Capacity.
10,000 kg / 22,000 lbs
5 m/min /
16 f/min
Regulations Speed Warning Part Number
Duty FEM.
M5 /


Nominal Speed
at Full Load.

5 m/min / 16 f/min
at 1/4 Load.

8 m/min / 26 f/min
2-Speed Motor
Height of Lift Height of Lift Height of Lift
Height of Lift: H1.
3.8m / 12.4f
Height of Lift: H2.
7.2m / 23.6f
Height of Lift: H4.
10m / 32.8f


Features and Benefits 

Wire Rope Hoist
  • This wire rope hoist has been fitted with a standard control system and monitoring of Safe Operation Period.
  • The hoist design is rectangular, modern, compact with perfect dimensional balance.
  • This hoist has superior speed and precise movement control.
  • Smoother startup and stopping movements.
  • Reduced starting current and more durable electric and mechanical components, motors, brakes and gears.
  • No wear to the brake as it functions as a parking brake.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Higher productivity from increased speed when operating with lighter loads.
  • Easier synchronization for lifting at different speeds.
  • Encoder Feed Back


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