10/5 Year Man Lift Compliance Inspections

Man Lift Compliance Inspections

In accordance with CSA B354, a structural inspection shall be performed 10 years after the date of manufacture and every 5 years thereafter. These inspections must be carried out under the direction of a licensed professional engineer. Liftsafe will provide a full documented report in accordance with the standard to ensure your lifts are always in compliance.

Looking to make a modification to your mobile crane? Contact our competent engineering department to ensure your modifications are in accordance with the standard and will meet the structural requirements to keep your equipment safe.

As is standard with all of our inspections, your inspections will be performed via a wireless tablet and data will be uploaded to a secure Customer Portal for viewing within 24 hours. At this time you will be able to track what work has been performed, what repairs are required, and track all of your equipment information in one secure location.

What sets our inspections apart from our competition? Learn about our processcustomer portal, and industry-leading wireless inspections here.

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